A Cervical Support Pillow is one of the best investments you can make for your health and your family’s health.

There are three curves in your spine that need to be maintained or damaging stress is put on your spinal cord and nerves coming off your spinal cord.

If you sleep on your back without a supportive pillow your normal neck curve flattens out and harmful stress is put on your cervical spine. Over time this will cause neck, shoulder, upper, middle and possibly even lower back pain.

Stress on your cervical spine can cause problems in your lower back because the nerves pass through the cervical spine to get to your upper, middle and lower back.

There is a real nice cervical pillow that I highly recommend.

The Memory Foam Cervical Pillow that I use.

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I have used a memory foam pillow since 1984. I think it is the most comfortable pillow you can sleep on and it gives you the support you need whether you sleep on your back or side.

I have a confession to make. Though I know sleeping on your back or side is much better for you than sleeping on your stomach because of the stress that puts on your neck, I have never been able to totally break myself of the habit of stomach sleeping.

So if I just can't get to sleep on my back or side, what I can do with the Memory pillow is sleep right at the end of the pillow so my head is facing my mattress and isn't turned all the way to the side.

If you sleep on your side without a cervical pillow your head and neck are not able to stay in proper anatomical position which allows damaging stress on the nerves in your neck.

Your cervical spine needs to be in straight alignment with the rest of your spine when you are lying on your side.

A cervical support pillow will keep damaging stress off your spine whether you sleep on your back or side. This will give you a better nights rest, relieve pain and prevent a whole lot of discomfort that would eventually trouble you.

Sleeping on a cervical pillow also reduces snoring because your breathing passage is better aligned.

In my practice I have had patients tell me that their cervical pillow has relieved Carpal Tunnel symptoms because of the support and comfort it gave to their neck muscles and joints.

Other patients were helped with Insomnia (difficulty sleeping), Headaches, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Whiplash and Shoulder Bursitis symptoms.

It makes sense, because if your head is not supported properly during sleep, your head and neck will slip into poor sleeping postures that will not only disturb your sleep, but will also contribute to a number of painful conditions.

Restful sleep is critical to good health. Your brain needs a good, quality, restful sleep to recover energy used up during the day to be ready to meet the next day’s challenges and healing needs fully recharged.

A cervical support pillow can help you get that sleep without sleeping pills, which leave many people in a mental fog the next day.

A good cervical pillow will have an indented center which will cradle your head when you’re sleeping on your back, and a raised section that supports the healthy curve of your neck.

It will also have a section that will support your head in proper alignment when you sleep on your side.

Choosing the correct cervical support pillow is also essential to getting the quality sleep that your body needs to feel and function at its best.

This is the Memory Foam Cervical Pillow that I use.

To Your Best Health,

Dr. Cliff

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