Lower Back Sprains happen to most of us at one time or another. They are caused most often by:

Improper Lifting - Not holding heavy items close to the body Improper Bending Bending and twisting too quickly or in an awkward way

Poor Posture - Slouching causes stress on the ligaments that support the joints in the back

Being Overweight - Too much weight around the abdomen puts constant stress on the back

Being Out of Shape - Weak muscles are more prone to sprains

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A sprain is a joint injury where some of the ligaments supporting the joint are torn. But the major ligaments remain intact.

We all know someone who sprained their neck in a car accident. In these “whiplash” injuries, the neck ligaments get quickly stretched both forward and backward.

Lower Back Sprain causes even more disability in our country than whiplash does.

Sprains can usually be cared for with conservative treatment options. Surgery is not usually necessary.

One of the problems with sprains is that without proper rehabilitation the sprained area of the back may not regain normal function—and is always more likely to be re-injured.

I experienced this firsthand when I suffered a bad sprained ankle playing basketball as a teenager.

I iced my ankle, and wrapped it, and used crutches for 2 weeks to keep pressure off it while it was healing.

Though I had followed my family doctors advice, my ankle was not looked after by an expert in sprains—a sprain specialist if you will.

And that ankle never regained its original strength.

In fact I lost count of how many times I re-sprained that ankle after that first injury. It took no more than a quick weight shift to re-injure it because the strength of the joints in my ankle we’re never normal after the first sprain.

This is the same for sprains of the back. Most people who sprain their back lifting something or golfing or playing a sport, or in a slip or fall—don’t ever recover fully.

The reason they don’t recover is when the pain stops- they think they are healed. They never get to the recovery or (rehabilitative) phase of the healing process.

Without going through full rehab, the area of the back that was sprained doesn’t completely heal and is left weaker than it used to be. It is not able to function normally. And it is now likely to become a chronic painful problem.

The Occupations best trained in full Back Rehabilitation are:

Chiropractic—always known as the Musculoskeletal experts with unmatched training of all things related to the back.

Physical therapy—also focuses treatment on maintaining and restoring maximum movement and functional ability

Physiatry— physicians who focus on body function

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