Orthopedic Back Braces limit the normal motion of the spine. This extra support can speed relief of back pain from sprains, strains, and overuse.

For someone healing from back surgery or a fracture of the back, braces limit painful movement and speed healing

As a doctor, I was never big on selling all kinds of “extra things” to my patients.

However, for the person suffering with severe back pain, properly fitting Orthopedic Back Braces gave the needed support to allow for faster healing and pain relief.

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There areTwo Main Types of Orthopedic Back Braces

Rigid braces:

A common ridged brace is the Boston brace. Rigid braces are usually form-fitting plastic molds that limit 50% of the motion in the spine. Rigid braces are often used after back surgery where a back fusion was preformed.

The back needs time to heal after surgery. Rigid braces stabilize the back, limit painful motion, and permit complete healing of the back.

Rigid orthopedic back braces are also used with patients who have fractured a bone in their back.

The problem with Rigid Braces is that they are heavy and patients can get very hot when wearing them. They are usually worn during the day and taken off for sleeping.

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Elastic Braces:

This is the type of brace I use with my patients who need extra support for healing.

Like Rigid braces, Elastic braces also limit back motion and promote faster healing.

They are made of softer materials than rigid braces and are easier to wear under clothing.

Elastic braces give just enough extra back support to allow you to go about your daily activities, and even go to work, with much less pain.

A helpful aspect about wearing one of the good orthopedic back braces is that it reminds you that you have a problem. Sometimes in the frenzied pace of life you can forget about your back problem and twist or turn too quickly, or bend over too far to pick something up—and cause a flare-up of back pain.

The brace that I am recommending to you is made with strong elastic material to maximize comfort.

Whats really nice about this brace is Double side pulls cross in front for added support. These added side pulls make a huge difference in lower back support, and at the same time allow normal range of low back motion. This particular brace SKU: 102-X allows you to add a customized molded thermoplastic insert.

I think you will be happy with this lower back brace My recommended Orthopedic Support Brace

The brace is a good reminder to take things slower until the back has had time to heal.

Other Types of Back Braces

Work Braces: Some employers provide low back braces for their workers and expect them to be worn all day. This is definitely not a good idea.

If you wear a brace all the time, your back muscles and abdominal muscles weaken from not being used.

If you are wearing a brace to prevent an injury, don’t tighten the brace until the time you have to lift something heavy.

Posture Braces: I have had a number of patients whose posture was so poor they needed a brace to help hold them in good posture.

The Posture Brace I like best pulls the shoulders back to prevent slouching or rounded shoulders.

These braces can be worn under clothing and improve posture, spinal alignment, and bring relief of back and neck pain.

Patients would wear the brace until further chiropractic care, posture exercises, and posture awareness got their body strong enough for them to maintain healthy posture without the brace.

The brace that I think works the best for improving posture and relieving the pains caused by bad posture is available at this link to Amazon My Recommended Posture Brace

Pregnancy Braces: Some braces are designed to support the growing abdomen of pregnant women. The extra support helps reduce low back pain and fatigue during pregnancy.

Hot/Cold Back Brace: Some braces are built to hold hot or cold packs. In addition to supporting your back, these allow you to benefit from Heat Therapy or Cold Therapy at the same time.

Scoliosis Braces: Bracing is one of the most common treatments for young people with scoliosis. Scoliosis braces are used to try to stop the abnormal spinal curve from getting worse. Many of these braces can be worn under clothing and can even be worn during sports activities.

To Your Best Health,

Dr. Cliff

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