The right Upper Back Brace can dramatically improve how your upper back feels and how you look with better posture.

You may not realize how many of your daily activities contribute to bad posture and upper back pain. Things like sitting at a keyboard or computer most of the day, or driving for long periods, or reading or studying, which encourages forward rounded shoulders.

My wife started using an brace to support her upper back after she found that carrying our first child in a "papoose" was causing her shoulders to round forward and her upper and mid back to hurt. As our son gained weight, my wife's back couldn't handle the strain of carrying him.

She found a brace helped her to keep her shoulders back, and keep her back straight, and it relieved a lot of discomfort.

Poor posture always leads to more serious health problems. Thankfully poor posture can be improved in a relatively short amount of time with the help of the right upper back brace.

I have provided many of these posture braces to patients over the years, and the results have been excellent.

The right brace will relieve upper back pain by preventing slouched or forward rounded shoulders

Rounded shoulders is a very common problem especially in men and women who were taller than most of their classmates during their growing years. Rounded shoulders can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain due to strain on muscles and nerves.

Rounded shoulders also push your upper back out more than normal which can cause a hump in your back which is sometimes called a dowager’s hump. This hump is often seen in elderly with osteoporosis, but can get an early start if bad posture is not corrected soon enough.

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How does an Upper Back Brace Work?

An upper back brace wraps around your shoulders either under or over your clothes. It is tightened in the back to pull your shoulders back into proper position in line with your ear, hip, knee, and ankle.

With your shoulders in proper position, the excessive curve in your upper back is corrected and all the harmful pressure on your muscles, joints, and nerves is relieved.

In the beginning, wearing a back brace can be a little uncomfortable. But like starting any new exercise or stretching program, the soreness goes away quickly as your muscles get used to being in a normal healthy position.

When you first start wearing my recommended upper back brace it does the work of keeping your muscles in the proper healthy position.

More important though, is that the brace acts as a reminder for you to keep your posture straight.

Before you know it, you don’t need the help of the brace anymore because your muscles automatically know to hold your shoulders back in proper position. If you get tired toward the end of the day and notice your shoulders starting to slouch, you can put the brace on for a little extra support.

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Other Benefits to using an Upper Back Brace

• Improved Appearance – As your posture improves, so does your overall appearance. You look more confident and energetic than you did with drooping shoulders.

• Improved Breathing - Another benefit of using an upper back brace is your breathing is often improved. Chronic rounded shoulders make it hard for your lungs to expand fully. This causes you to get into the bad habit of breathing shallow, which often leads to anxiety and panic attacks.

• Low Back Pain Relief – When bad posture lets your shoulders slouch forward, it causes a loss of the normal curve in your lower back. This leads to low back muscle fatigue and pain.

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Other Posture Tips

One of the muscle groups often contributing to poor posture is the chest muscles called “pecs.” These pec muscles often get tight and short, and contribute to your shoulders rounding.

An easy way to stretch the pec muscles is to stand in the corner of a room with your arms and hands up against the two intersecting walls. Just lean into the corner and feel your chest muscles stretch. Try three or four 20 second stretches two times a day for a week. You will notice it is much easier to keep your shoulders back in proper position if your pec muscles are stretched properly.

Don't skimp on your upper back brace. You may be tempted to buy the cheapest brace you can find. I tried to prescribe my patients inexpensive braces; unfortunately I found the cheaper braces didn't provide the necessary support to correct bad posture, and they weren’t as durable as braces that cost just a bit more.

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To Your Best Health,

Dr. Cliff

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